Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to MyAccount FAQ page.

User Documentation (1)

In order to find user manual and documentation, click on the "PDF" link on the home page, or on the computer picture.
You should be able to download a pdf file that contains the explanations on how the "MyAccount" works.
You can also find it here. Myaccount user manual

Login , user interaction (2)

Myccount is an additional function of our webshop and completely free of charge.

How do I login to MyAccount?

In order to login to MyAccount you have to:   

  1. Login as a user into our webshop
  2. Look for MyAccount link, click on it. You will be logged in directly. 

Germany (1)

We are happy to advise you when you encounter technical problems with MyAccount.
You can reach us at 06303800270

Hungary (1)

We are happy to advise you when you encounter technical problems with MyAccount.
You can reach us at +36 1 371 2228

Invoice and Credit Note (2)

You can only filter by invoice number or by year and month.

It means that the ordered item was not available at the time of delivery, so you will get it later, when our warehouse receives it.

Returns (5)

You can send back only new items without logo. You can send back shirts only in original package, and you cannot send back underwear.

If goods have a defect or contamination the return is of course free of charge.
If you send back items, that are not mentioned on the return list we will not issue a credit note, and will not send back items to you. If items are not defective, we will charge 20% handling cost, but at least 25 €. So if returned items’ value is below 25 €, and they are not defective we will not issue a credit note.

  1. On the navigation bar, click the button "Returns" and choose a complete order or single item that you want to send back.
  2. Choose a reason for return on the available arrows of why you want to return the goods.
  3. Select  "Yes" and then click "Submit Data".
  4. Please enter the number of packages and the total weight of the returned goods.  
  5. Finally, click on "Create Document" and you will receive your Rückholschein PDF that you can print out.

It takes about 2 weeks. We have to receive items, then our warehouse checks items one by one. After booking items back on stock our claim department issue a credit note to the local office, who will issue a credit note to the customer.

No, only the main user can access my account.

Backorders (2)

No, you cannot. After the order is processed, the cartons will be collected in a huge truck, and nobody can search 2 cartons among hundreds.

If you go with your mouse above the number of open quantity, the current stock situation will be seen in a pop-up window.

My Prices (2)

You see net prices here.

You find your own prices here.